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Vision & Values
Your problem is our challenge to the perfect solution. We'd like to compose it especially for you - every product from P.A.C.E. Inc. is as unique as our costumers. From PROVI® to HPGL - we have been developing costumer oriented high level know how in process technology. Our instruments: From simple logic circuits to highly integrated microprocessor application From single machines to industrial facilities with total interfacing, networking and host controlled systems Automation of new facilities as well as rebuilding of existing machinery and equipment Solutions for interface problems, data transfer and data maintenance PLC - programming Production of prototypes and small series Mobility, flexibility and know how are our basic features. With competence we create innovative solutions for your production processes. Our customer base exist of a long standing relationship and large diversity in many different industries. Our goal is to develop long term relationships and realize project with our customers for high efficient & high quality with fast payback of the investment!
It is our challenge... to find your individual Masterpiece
We would love to accept the challenge in supporting you!