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A CAD Software package designed for special applications in the foamed plastic & packing industry. With PolyCAD the customer can not only design any kind of shapes & multiply them to cut out of huge Styrofoam blocks, PolyCAD was even able in conjunction with all the additional software modules to control the whole machine & production line down to full automatic wire setting features (see short movie)! To ensure safe & continuous production we even design a special uP Controller to watch all the cutting wires and stop the machine if anything goes wrong. This software package is installed in multiple applications all over the world!
Horizontal Settings & Control General Machine Settings & Control Tilt Unit Settings & Control Scrap Station Settings & Control Crosscutter Settings & Control CAD drawing for mulitple cutouts Raw Styrofoam Block Storage Cross Cutter (down direction) Machine Line up Block Transportation Conveyors Raw Styrofoam Blocks lined up to be cut Raw Styrofoam Blocks lined up to be cut Horizontal Cutter Horizontal Cutter with cutting wires set