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Info Data
Info Data is a Software package with open database to support the general need of any kind of operation, maintenance & diagnostic support with all possible date available. Info Data can be used as a standalone version or in conjunction with any kind of HMI & DCS application running under a Windows® platform. Since the Automation world is getting more and more sophisticated and difficult it is even more important to give operation & maintenance the right tools to be more efficient and to keep the run ability of your equipment at the highest rate possible. Info Data shows you all the physical items in real pictures and links you direct to the E&I, Mechanic, Hydraulic and Pneumatic schematics! Besides those features you can enter additional data like Item model Numbers & descriptions, manufacturer, vendor order info, storeroom spare part info and of course keep a logbook with your entries every time that specific item needed attention so that it is kept updated and memorized for everybody in the future too! Everything and all the information right there with a click of a button!
General Picture with link to the specific item Detail Picture with link to the specific item E&I Schematic with link to the specific item Detailed Info about the Item (Manufacturer) Detailed Info about the Item (Notes written by personal) Detailed Info about the Item (Storeroom)